The life of the comicker : Stepping back

Hello there Inter-web darlings!

As I stare at this blank blog-post window, I realize how daunting the "blank canvas" really is. Wow, I never really gave that much thought, but I have been intimidated the unwritten, the un-created, and another thing with the "un" prefix. Oh looky there, it is no longer blank! Hurray! I made it past the hump that caused my fear, and I now see that it's not bad. No more blank blog-post window. This is the life of a comicker (specifically, me).

Note : I cannot speak for other people, and I do not attempt to. All of our experiences are our own and do differ from person to person, but you already knew that. 

Recently, I made a decision to cut back on the comic. In some ways, it's been great. I don't have to worry about publishing a comic, and worry about how funny my comic will be perceived. In other ways, I feel like a failure. I have these moments of "what if that was my last comic" thoughts. There's that pesky fear again! First it's the blank canvas, then this. Geeze, I'm such a mess.... but thankfully, those moments doesn't last. No matter what I feel at the time, I know I can step back, and know that I'm not a failure.

I'm learning to step back more. What I mean by stepping back, is taking a small break, and looking at the overall picture for my art. It's really easy to get caught up into the details so much, that you can't see the forest for the trees. Hell, I don't even know I'm in a forest. I tend to force myself into a process, or position that doesn't foster good creativity. The results are, ok. Not stellar, but not too terrible. 

Stepping back and looking at the big picture has been refreshing. I'm realizing I had goals I've forgotten about. I'm focusing on improving my art. It's not going to happen overnight but someday i'll wake up and REALLY love the art that I do. It'll happen, as long as I keep going. Another side effect of looking at the big picture is the elimination of fear. It's not totally gone, but shining a light on things I've lost focus on, seems to make me realize that the thing I feared the most, was nothing.

The comic will continue. I'm going to try to post at least once per week, but if that doesn't happen I'm going to stop beating myself up for it. Another thing I'm trying to do more of (and it's part of that big picture thingie I mentioned earlier), is create a new comic. Whaaaaaaatt???  It's true. I have some good ideas, but I need to really flesh them out and see if they stick. At the moment I am having that fear of the blank canvas. I haven't really started work on this new comic. I'll have to take my own advice and step back, from the blank canvas. Give some breathing room for my ideas to flourish. So it looks like stepping back comes in a few different flavors! 

I hope this little post has made sense. I'm gonna try to post more of my experiences if it will be helpful to the community.

Until next time!
- Darrel