Schrodinger's Pet Spa

There’s been a lot of chatter about Schrodinger and his Pet Spa. Some say, it’s where pets go to be poisoned, and other say it’s the best spa for pets around! I, for one, don’t really get the point of pet spas. I mean, I don’t even treat myself to a spa, why would I send my pet to one? I don’t know, maybe there’s a legit purpose. I’m probably ranting to the wrong people. I’m sorry, I’ll refrain from ranting further.


Schrodinger’s pet spa is the best! Wow, look at all those pets who are relaxed and massaged and what-not. Boy, I’m so glad I send my pet to a spa instead of using a spa myself! I would feel bad if I had a massage and my pet was all like, “Wha? What about me?!”.