Left Blank

This is a Halloween themed comic. You can tell because I used the same motif as other people do. Most people don’t know this, but White is the most common Halloween color (because of all those ghosts!). Ha ha! I’m kidding, but seriously now. Ghosts are real and scary. This one time, I was just eating yellow ping-pong balls, going through this hallway, when all of a sudden I saw a Pink ghost following me. So I Turned right and it disappeared. So I continued through this, dark, blue-ish-hazed maze, and fruit just appeared (Cherry I think). I started heading for the fruit, and I saw, a Red ghost and a Orange ghost coming right for me! I first had that instinct to call out for Ray (I watched Ghostbusters to prepare for such an event), but there was no Ray to call to. So I ran down the hall, and as I was running, I saw a bigger Ping-Pong ball in the corner. It looked important, so I ate it! My first thought was “Great, I took drugs and now I’m going to die”, but much to my surprise the ghosts turned blue and started to run away. I figured, now’s the time to catch them. As I approached them I realized I could just eat them! SO I DID! I ate them all. They became nothing more than a pair of eyes, as they retreated. I thought they might be back, so I rushed through the halls, eating the rest of the Ping-Pong balls that I left behind.

High score.